What we do

Enactus Waterloo is a student-led organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life and standard of living. We solve real-world problems by implementing projects which achieve the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

Iko Eco

Iko Eco strives to create a waste free Kilimanjaro Region by delivering the most reliable and accessible waste management services in the area. Our aim is to provide a stable and fair income for the underemployed and undeserved members of the community, by turning waste into wages.

Project Mosaic

Since November 2015, Canada has welcomed over 40 000 Syrian refugees. However, their struggles do not simply end by entering a safe haven like Canada. When refugees come to our country, they are instantly submerged into a very rapid and complicated economic system. As you can imagine, it’s very different from the economy in war-torn Syria. Often refugees are very talented workers that can bring new ideas and skills into our communities. Through Project Mosaic, we are fixing this gap. We have designed a six-week business workshop to empower 15 Syrian youth to develop the skills they need to start their own small businesses.

Our Team

Meet our squad of talented and passionate entrepreneurship oriented members